1. impracticaljoekurr:

    You are the definition of perfect.

  2. samigenerico:

    oh my god and jesus why have i only seen this now?!?!?

  3. the-reaper-89:

    Judging by his recent performances on his panels, I wouldn’t be in the very least opposed to seeing Christian become a commentator on the main shows. He speaks clearly and he gets into the product without sounding bored or obnoxious. As a fan, I say he deserves a shot.

  4. alluctor:

    The latest Talk is Jericho has Christian telling a story about a debt collector named Snooks that he interacted with over some unpaid student loans and it is incredibly funny just because of the way that Christian tells it and you should all listen to it.

  5. christianscharisma:

    This is why Christian is the king of twitter